B-S.A.F.E. School Age Fun and Enrichment

While kids may groan at the idea of “safe” equaling fun, that’s truly the case regarding the B-S.A.F.E. School Age Fun and Enrichment program here at Over the Rainbow Child Development Center. Located in the Bordentown Township of New Jersey, Over the Rainbow hosts before and after school programs for school-aged children from the time they enter kindergarten until they’re ready to graduate from eighth grade.

At Over the Rainbow, our goal is to make those hours before school (beginning at 6:30 a.m.) and after school (extending until 6:30 p.m.) at once safe, fun, and enriching. While our transportation services specifically cover the Bordentown School District, we welcome families throughout Burlington Country, Mercer County, and surrounding areas to enroll their children with us.

Our experienced staff takes seriously the privilege of nurturing your children until you pick them up — and we also know how have fun. Among the elements that truly set we apart from other after school programs in Bordentown City and beyond are the longevity, practical experience, and devotion of our staff. From our kitchen staff to our management, we at Over the Rainbow strive to keep the hours surrounding school hours exciting for young students.

As part of the B-S.A.F.E. School Age Fun and Enrichment program, we provide a delicious and nutritious breakfast to our before-school students and a healthy snack to the students who stay with us after school.

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