Child Development Center Bordentown

Over the Rainbow Child Development Center’s has been in business for over twenty years operating as a family run business. We pride ourselves in promoting “A Quality Day, All Day, Everyday.” Over the Rainbow Child Development Center has been providing extraordinary early childhood educational programs in a positive, gentle, nurturing, and safe environment. To us, your child is a unique individual, equipped with their own plan of development, and their own methods and terms of mastering their surroundings. Our responsive and inclusive teaching methods meet each child’s individual needs.

We encourage each and every child to think, reason, question, experiment, makes choices, and develop practical skills. We let children to explore the world in a safe environment. We allow children to be independent, to develop social skills, and to love learning.

The Over the Rainbow Child Development Center’s staff has been carefully selected for their knowledge of and experience with small children, nurturing temperament and positive outlook. Teachers are degreed in Early Childhood Education. Teacher Assistants have Early Childhood Education coursework and group care experience. Our program director and kitchen staff are knowledgeable in their respective fields and make important contributions to the school. Our skilled support staff and director will work together to provide your child with the best in early childhood education.

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