Clever Bedtime Tricks That Will Save Your Evening

Having trouble getting your kids in a bedtime groove? Red Tricycle has plenty of advice for creating a bedtime routine that works. 

Whether it includes a warm bath, a favorite book, and kissing every one of her stuffies goodnight (or all of the above), a bedtime routine is as important as the quiet time that follows. We’re always looking to scoop the tricks of the parenting trade, so from “turning off” a restless bed bug to making homemade monster spray, scroll down to discover a few handy nighttime tips from our editors and writers. What works for us might be your new secret weapon.

“My four-year-old likes to have a water bottle beside his bed. He rarely drinks from it, but I think he just likes to fill it up before bed and know that it is there. He also falls asleep to French music. We don’t really speak French (does “bonjour” count?) and he doesn’t know what they’re saying (yet), which is why I think it helps him nod off; he isn’t trying to sing the words in his head.”

— Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Red Tricycle Washington D.C. Editor

“This is going to sound a little extravagant, but she gets pretty wound up playing with dad at night, so we started “candlelight baths” to mellow her out. I’ve always been a candle junkie, so we light about five and place them around the tub/bathroom. For every bedtime task she completes she gets to blow one out: pjs, teeth brushing, potty, etc. For getting her to stay in bed and quiet all night, all credit goes to the “Ok to Wake” clock. When it’s yellow, it’s night-night quiet time, and when it turns green at 7:15 she can say “hi mommy, hi daddy!” It is truly a miracle device. Oh, and before bath there is the requisite “NAKED RUN!” where she does a full lap around the house buck naked, yelling “naked run!””

— Erin Feher, Red Tricycle San Francisco Editor

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