Over the Rainbow Enrolls in Grow New Jersey Kids

Dear Parents,

Over The Rainbow Child Development Center is excited to announce that we are enrolled in New Jersey’s quality rating improvement system initiative, Grow New Jersey Kids (GNJK). Our participation in GNJK demonstrates our Center’s commitment to providing the children in our Center with the highest quality of early childhood education.

We recognize that you selected Over The Rainbow Child Development Center for your child/children and because we value the trust you have put in us; we are invested in being a lead child care center in the area. Through the quality improvement efforts involved in the GNJK standards, we are confident you will be just as thrilled as we are with the anticipated outcomes. Listed below are the improvement topics we will be focused on, as outlined in the GNJK Standards:

– Safe, Healthy Learning Environment
– Curriculum & Learning Environment
– Family & Community Engagement
– Workforce/ Professional Development
– Administration & Management

What does our participation in GNJK mean to you & what can you expect?

We plan to keep our communication open with all of the families.  As we make the necessary improvements to increase quality, we will make every effort to know you in advance, whether it’s a change in the curriculum we are using, how we arrange the physical layout of the rooms, or the family activities which we initiate. We will look to you for feedback on how we are doing, what you and your child/children need, and how we can work together better to make this the best educational environment available to your children.  We plan to support our families with more information about resources and events in our communities and to find new ways that you can stay involved with Over The Rainbow Child Development Center.

You may also notice that we will have a Technical Assistance Specialist who is coming to work with our staff to support us  through this journey of quality improvement. This TA Specialist will coach the Over The Rainbow Child Development Center staff on how we can best meet our goals of reaching the GNJK standards.  At times, they will be in the classroom, observing the staff’s interaction with the children, but they will not be providing any direct care to our students.

All of the reasons which you chose us as your child’s early education center will remain intact, but we are continuing to strive to stay on top.  We are committed to your children and family to be the best, and often times first, educational experiences available.

We will be hosting information nights periodically to provide you with more details about GNJK, but in the meantime, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher, or to me.  You can also learn more about GNJK by visiting the state website, www.grownjkids.com.

Lisa Giancarli
Owner of Over The Rainbow Child Development Center

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