Pre K Programs Bordentown

You know what I love about The Rainbow Child Development Center? I love the Pre K Programs for Bordentown residents. The teacher working in that program been teaching Pre K Programs for Bordentown 4-5 year olds for 17 years and is still loving every moment there. I was also very impressed with their kitchen, where they cook nutritious meals and snacks for the school age children and their after school program.

When your child enters school, they have a before and after school program. They take everyone from Bordentown School District from ages 5-13. In their before school program, they make sure their charges have fun in a warm, caring environment while the children grow through experiences the teachers tailor to each developmental stage. The center opens at 6:30 am and they close at 6:30 pm. They also provide snacks, so you can be certain your child or grandchild is happy there until you can take him home.

On the opposite end, they care for 0-5 year olds, and as a nice touch, they provide the diapers and wipes for the children. They know how hard it is to keep stocked up with wipes when you have little children around. All this, your child or grandchild will get for an amazingly reasonable price.

The experienced teachers of The Rainbow Child Development Center have told me that, as residents of Bordentown Township, they forward to seeing your Pre K child here.

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