Orange Classroom

6 Weeks to 18 Months Old

Our Orange room is a warm and nurturing environment where the teachers are caring and loving to each of the infants and their families. We make sure we follow each child’s individual schedule along with meeting all their developmental needs.

Ms. Ruth Covington
Head, Orange Room Teacher
16 Years at Over The Rainbow


Yellow Classroom

18 Months to 2½ Years Old

Our Yellow room encourages your child’s natural curiosity in a fun and active learning environment. Our teachers plan daily activities in a bright and cheery environment to encourage eager investigation of the world. Within the consistent structure toddlers crave, they enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities, spirited music and movement and plenty of climbing, running and jumping. Circle time incorporates stories and songs that encourage language skills and social growth.

Ms. Susan Emery
Head Yellow Room Teacher
One year at Over the Rainbow


Red Classroom

2½ - 3 Years Old

Our Red Room further encourages sharing and communication and paves the path toward social development of the active two and a half year-old. Social skills are emphasized and your child will participate in short group circle times. Your child will engage in imaginary play, creative arts and a colorful assortment of reading options. We work with each child during the Potty Training process to help them get a sense of independence.

Ms. Dyana Garcia
Head Teacher, Red Room
One year at Over the Rainbow


Purple Classroom

3 - 4 Year Olds

Purple room children are cheerful and eager to learn. They enjoy new experiences with their friends and love to be independent. We use a variety of activities to meet each child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Your child will learn to recognize letters, shapes, numbers, colors and name recognition. Social Skills are taught with sharing toys, taking turns, using manners “Please and Thank You”, expressing themselves through words and being a great friend, while becoming self-reliant and independent. We make each child feel good about themselves through positive reinforcement and make them feel accomplished and loved.

Ms. Nadine Leibowitz
Head Purple Room Teacher
One year at Over the Rainbow



Green Classroom

Pre K 4 - 5 Year Olds

Our Green Room focuses on kindergarten preparedness, social skills and a mastery of gross motor skills. Each child will be prepared for Kindergarten in many aspects including learning and being able to write their first and last name, phone number, and birthday. In addition, they will be able to recognize and write their letters, numbers shapes, do basic math and simple sentences.

All of these are important milestones for your child who is starting Kindergarten. The children are extremely active and get to engage throughout the course of the day with one another through free play. We encourage independence and being self-reliant using manners and helping one another.

Ms. Brenda Gipson
Head, Pre-K Room
17 Years at Over The Rainbow



Our mission is to have your children excited for before and after school, holidays/vacation days, ½ days and summer. We want them to look forward to spending those hours together in a friendly, warm atmosphere, where there are interesting things to do, friends to play with and opportunities to grow and develop through experiences appropriate for each developmental stage.

S.A.F.E. program is available to all children K-8th grade. Transportation will be provided for all children in the Bordentown School District.


  • Before School – Open at 6:30 am (A nutritious breakfast served)
  • After School until 6:30 pm (A nutritious snack is served)
  • Open all ½ days, vacation and holiday days.
  • Summer Hours – 6:30 am – 6:30 pm