When searching for a day care center, we were looking for a place with a nurturing environment, one which provided our children with the love and care that they deserve, while at the same time fostering a love of “school”. That is exactly what we found at Over the Rainbow. From the moment we walked in and were greeted by the pleasant staff and the colorful murals that line the hallways, we know that our daughters would feel right at home here. Over The Rainbow has provided us, as parents, the peace of mind knowing that they are safe and secure and are learning to interact with other children of the same age, which is so important.

Over the Rainbow has more than met our expectations in every area and we feel very fortunate to have our daughters enrolled here for the past several months. They both love all of the friends that they have made, as well as their teachers, each of which have gone above and beyond to help our girls learn and grow. The staffs have made this such a rewarding and educational experience and it is reassuring to know that our daughters are not only being taken care of, but they are each learning, growing, making new friends and experiencing new things in a fun environment.

Jon and Nicole Marbach