After wanting for weeks to pull my son out of his old daycare we moved and found Over the Rainbow. It has been a major blessing! My son was constantly being sent home sick or for odd miscellaneous reasons and he never really seemed to bond with the teachers at the old daycare. We have been at OTR since November 2014 and my husband and I are extremely happy. My son has asthma and since being at OTR his asthma rarely flares up, since they are constantly cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping down all the toys. My son loves all the teachers, he started in the infant room then moved to toddlers (yellow) room and no matter who he gets dropped off to in the morning he goes running to them and at pick up he will blow everyone kisses. The teachers here have played a huge part in helping my son become an independent, well behaved little boy. As a parent this makes me feel very comfortable knowing he is happy and cared for by all the staff here and this puts our minds at such ease. I don’t have enough positive words to describe how we feel about OTR.

Mrs Hammond