Why Play Time in Preschool Matters

Parents may often hear of the importance of play in preschool. But playing with toys and blocks seems to have little to do with the education that children will need to succeed in kindergarten. So why is play so important? Play is the foundation for all learning in young children, and giving your child a few basic toys can provide them with an assortment of valuable learning opportunities.
Language and Vocabulary Development.

When playing with other children or adults, vocabulary and language skills are nurtured. Your child will be listening and learning the language they hear without even realizing it. Children will learn to use vocabulary to communicate meaning as well as picking up new words and hearing the grammatical structure of language.

Playing with toy cars, trucks and animals provides for many new vocabulary words as children learn the names of each, what they do, what they eat or where you can find them. Playing with a dollhouse and dolls allows your child to reenact what happens in their everyday life, using the words and phrases they hear and repeating them. In our high tech society, children have fewer opportunities to use and develop their imagination and creativity. Children not given frequent opportunity to play may have a more difficult time entertaining themselves as they simply lack the imagination and creativity required. Providing your child with a variety of craft supplies such as markers and crayons, scraps of fabric or paper, empty boxes or containers, glue, buttons and stickers. Allow them to create anything they like and watch their inner artist emerge!

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